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My name is Anna and I own an independent music lesson studio in Austin, Texas.

I've been teaching private piano and voice lessons since 1999. Back then, I used to stay after school and teach out of my high schools choir room. I didn't even have my drivers license yet so I had to wait out front of the school for my Mom to pick me up after teaching! What I thought at the time was just a really fun after school job turned into a career and in 2019 I’m celebrating my 20 year anniversary as a private lesson teacher.

I went on to study vocal music at Central Michigan University and spent many years touring and recording as a working musician, but I always came back to teaching private lessons. My background in classical voice and piano combined with my experience playing solo gigs and fronting bands put me in a unique position to help students of many different interests reach their goals. Connecting with a student and providing them with the tools they need to grow as a musician never feels like work. It's my passion and I'm so lucky I get to do it every day!